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Vallecito FAQ's

If you are buying a property that is using a septic one should do the following:

  • Check with San Juan Basin Health Department to make sure that they have a permit on file for your septic.
  • Have the septic located and pumped
  • Have the septic tank checked for condition & size, make sure that it is the proper size for the number of bedrooms in your dwelling.
  • Wells require permits. The State of Colorado Water Resources issues well permits. Often when a well is drilled, the people require that the water be tested. Some tests are performed by the State while others are traditionally performed by private Labs.
  • There are many folks that may have control over one’s ability to have a well, you should always be aware of who has control over the area you desired to drill. Be careful and insure it is allowed. Some of the identies you should inquire with are as follows: County, City, subdivision, Homeowners Associations

While most building activities required building permit, it is very important that you check with the planning and building departments for the requirements. Even though your project is simple, make sure your project meets the county requirements.

It is very difficult to answer for all streams. As water sources in Colorado may have different restrictions. One should check with their nearest Colorado Water Resources Commissioner in their area for the restrictions. Example of this requirement is the streams feeding in and out of Vallecito Reservoir; they require an agreement with the Pine River Irrigation District (PRID). The agreement requires an annual fee.

Most residential property can have some animals. Because of the many type of pets that people have, it is difficult to give a yes or no answer. Be sure to check with the county, city, or homeowners association to determine any restrictions that would apply to the animals you would want to keep on your property.

Yes, it was determined by the Bureau of Reclamation / PRID that a use fee is required for boating and fishing in Vallecito Reservoir. This is common in many of the lakes in Colorado that are used for recreation.

Yes. We have relationships with professionals spanning each and every aspect of home buying and selling, such as mortgage lenders, attorneys, contractors, surveyors, movers, cleaners, handymen, etc.  We will provide you with contact information so that you can evaluate which providers will best suit your individual needs.